As a small child I loved to close my eyes and squeeze them together as tight as I could so that images and colors would appear and dance together within my mind’s eye. Later on, at around age 10, my school class took a field trip to the Palomar Observatory in Southern California. I came home in awe of all I saw, the magnificence of the telescope itself and what we were shown deep in the Universe. I asked for astronomy books for birthdays and Christmas, wanting to absorb the beautiful images of stars, planets, galaxies, and nebula. I think my art enables me to return to the innocence, mystery and wonder of those moments so many years ago.

Behind this world of form there is an invisible Consciousness out of which all that exists is created. Engaging in the splash ink and watercolor process evokes for me a sense of standing on the edge of the formed and the formless, witnessing something appear that I have not outlined beforehand. This gives me a sense of joy and ease.

Currently Aggie resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she paints, writes, takes photographs and loves the Light.